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Novel Synopsis List

22 novels written, edited, formatted, and published
by Rosalie Thorne between January 2019 and May 2023.

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Rosalie Thorne's novels range from young adults in high school to immortal beings, from realistic fiction to high fantasy. So, here is each synopsis for each book.

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"America's sweetheart", social media elite, star student, who uses her popularity for good instead of evil.

Queen Noami users her passion to continue a career as an award-winning, best-selling author. King Nicolae loves his country so much he is one of the world's greatest prime ministers. And now Princess Lorianna is having to not only navigate teenage life, combat a social enemy, successfully have mature relationships, but also take the world by storm after being the target of some hurtful and potentially harmful press. Is she the director of her own life? Or is all the world a stage and everyone merely players?


Everyone has their entrances and everyone has their exits. Lorianna just didn't realize this exit would be so soon. Or at all.

After the events of Junior year, Lorianna thought she'd seen and conquered it all. She finally feels like she has everything - and she really means everything: the fact she's a Princess, the fact she is the daughter of a spicy romance author, the fact that she has bodyguard that followers her everywhere, the fact that she has famous friends, the fact that she and her boyfriend are stalked by paparazzi - everything finally under control. But then, in the darkest hours before the dawn before the most romantic Summer trip to Italy, her soulmate Chris arrives. Arrives only to say? "You are no longer my girlfriend."

To which she laughs and asks, "What?"
To which we have to know: why?

Beauty And The Beast: The Complete Series

Beauty And The Beast: The Complete Series consists of the four different stories that follow the intertwining lives of Isabelle O'Hara and Adam Benson. This modern fairytale has twists and turns that might be familiar to any La Belle Et La Bete fan, but there are still plenty of surprises within these pages! It's a tale of adventure, a tale of inner strength, and most importantly, a tale of love. Don't miss out on this classic fairytale. With something for everyone, it's truly a perfect addition to any bookcase!

"Best Friends"

“What have you done to my mind?
I can’t be with or without you.”

Though some couples are simply meant to be, the road to the relationship can be rocky. This classic tale of girl-next-door and best-friend’s-older-brother comes to the modern age with relatable problems.

A Senior and Sophomore at Sanderson High, Clark and Candice have been friends all her life. So, how exactly do you tell your best friend you’re in love with them?

How will these lovebirds get from once upon a time to happily ever after? The first of six stories, Rosalie Thorne’s “Best Friends” will have you restless to know more. A perfect addition to any shelf and keep an eye out for the sequels!

Electric Love

They say all love is real love, even if it's online and you've never actually met. Which was perfectly fine for rogue Khylo and paladin Nhemo. Up until the Summer before senior year when they realize this relationship is one of the most important in their lives.

On the flip side, without the escape of the virtual world, Benjamin and Reylee are forced together on a project, completely at each other's throats. It becomes a showdown of rocker eboy versus pastel catgirl, with no hope for peace in sight. But what they don't realize is that sometimes the person you see every day is already the love of your life.

Electric Love is the first in the trilogy, a novel written in four days when author Rosalie Thorne was inspired by @VivSketchess, who then designed the cover.

Slide Into My DM

"Now, one of my favorite parts of the day is our back and forth. I had to force myself to wait this morning, sitting impatiently as I ate breakfast. But then I caved, my breath catching in my chest as I waited for the screen to load. And there it was! I hear nothing, not even the sound of my annoying neighbors, just the beat of my heart. I have a direct message… from you.
- T & R"

This is Rosalie Thorne's love letter to all of those involved in creating one of her favorite films You’ve Got Mail.
Inspired by the 1998 classic, written by Miklós László (play "Parfumerie"), Nora Ephron (screenplay), Delia Ephron (screenplay), directed by Nora Ephron, starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, and she hopes you enjoy it!

That B*tch: A Love Story

Though now she's just That B*tch I used to know, once upon a time, I thought Cailey Hooper was my platonic soulmate. I was the Gretchen to her Regina in our Gothic Mean Girls, the dutiful beta to her alpha queen. I spent many years as the lovable best friend, but never quite stepping into the starring role.

Until Senior year. Until my father came home. Until I was able to finally fall in love with Elias. Until distance let me break free and gain some clarity. Which she struggled with at first, but the need to keep her property outweighed her need for absolute control. In the end, causing what I had believed to be a beautiful, loving friendship to burn in a brilliant blaze of chaos and hatred.

So yes, she might be just That B*tch I used to know, but this ended up being a love story - a story with a soulmate of a different kind... a kind that is true, is real, and will last forever.

While You Were Pretending

"Well… the first time I saw Her, she didn’t exactly give me the world. It was actually a Christmas cookie, even if it was two weeks until December 25th. I instantly looked forward to the rest of winter break. She had come into town to see her family, (Peyton and her mother), and every time I got to see her was just perfect. It wasn’t exactly a fairytale meeting, but this is how things didn’t go as planned."

This is Rosalie Thorne's love letter to all of those involved in creating one of her favorite films While You Were Sleeping.
Inspired by the 1995 classic, written by Daniel G. Sullivan and Fredric Lebow, directed by Jon Turteltaub, staring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman, this story is a sort of squeal. Perfect for any rom-com fan out there, it's a perfect addition to your romance collection.

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A Muse's Tapestry

"When in Rome, wasn’t right. But when loving a Roman? Yes."

When Queen Eadyth filled The Solar Realm with nothing but darkness, killing the last chance for salvation, Laocoon and his family fled to Earth not only with the hopes to survive but to thrive. Luckily they found they were not the only Fae among the Humans and were in fact a part of a bigger group of Others. And so time passed... so time was wasted... until one particular Winter Solstice....

On the longest night of the year, the Fates finally bring Laocoon to blindly fall in love with a Muse, an author by the name of Calliope. Though the strings of her mind may weave the most beautiful of tapestries, his impulsive and instantaneous actions create a snarled web of chaos and confusion that affect not only himself but his family. In this first part of the trilogy that is their love story, we start what will be their faerie-tale....

That will lead us to realize that Calliope will be the most powerful Fae… to the point that she could destroy The Hall Of The Fae Queen.

Say Yes To Forever

The year: 1997
The Rochester wall still stands tall, dividing The United States in two. Though it has been decades since the Sub-human Revolution, there are still many Basic-humans that are against racial integration. However, there is a bright hope for the future, the newest generation fighting for equality.
When a new family moves into Stars Hallow overnight, the town is on edge, whispering and wondering if they could be Subs? Vampires? But only Valarie learns the truth about Cyrus and his family. And in the process? Falls head over heels in love. Knowing, accepting, loving... when Cyrus asks, she says "yes" to forever.

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Of Fangs And Fury

"I throw a left hook. He goes down but his buddies rally. Knowing better than to do this, it still fits my reputation to a t. I could kill a guy, and no one would bat an eye. ‘It’s the dragon blood,’ they would say, ‘he’s more beast than man’. And maybe… maybe for just one more week they’d be right."

Prince Caderyn has wanted nothing more than to be left alone. No more magikal attempts to cure his blood disease, no more back-alley fights over what makes him different... just let his perfect mother and perfect little brother, Tahir, do their thing, while he fades into the shadows. It seems he might get his way, too, if the Scholar his mother has sent for as a last resort fails to save him.

Scholarra Delara has only ever wanted to belong. The problem is, not only is she one of the few female students at The University, she is also a half-breed: Half-Vampire, Half-Human. So, she's resigned herself to a lonely life of logical assignments. It's this work, though, that led Queen Lilith to invite her to come live and experiment in the Palace Of Onyx, hoping that her understanding of blood and microbiology will provide them with the answers they're looking for.

Blood is not just the livelihood of their bodies or the tie to their family and loved ones... but, blood is also the reason all hell breaks loose as the persons of the Onyx Foothills revolt. It's in this tale of fangs and fury that the golden prince and passionate scientist get more than they bargained for. But, it will take more than the beautiful woman loving the angry beast for them to reach their happily ever after.

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Rom-Com Collection Vol. 1

This heart-warming Romantic Comedy collection contains four short stories and three full-length novels all in one! Ranging from high school to reincarnating soulmates, it's full of love for friends, love for family, and of course, love for The One. Take a chance and learn to express what your heart desires most.

Selected Works Vol. 1

These Selected Works are some of, if not, the best things written by Rosalie Thorne. Including six poems, seven short stories, and two novels, these works have been hand-selected as the first volume of her Pride And Joy series. From realistic fiction to high fantasy, from young adult to immortal soulmates, venture through the wonders of the author's mind and heart. And hopefully you'll be inspired to look through the world in rose-colored glasses.

Elephant Love Medley Vol. 1

What your heart desires most. Elephant Love Medley: Vol. 1 is a romantic collection filled with short stories, poems, and prose by Rosalie Thorne. From realistic fiction to high fantasy, from the first loves of young adults to the soulmates of Gods, this compilation has it all.

Love And Other Impossible Things

Reach into the corners of your mind, pull on your heartstrings, and capture the essence of your soul with these beautiful depressing and scarily accurate poems and prose. Which is brought to you by two authors and four poets. From fantasy to gothic, from horror to mystery, from poppy fiction to romance, from young adult to so much more, this collection has something for everyone!

Of Pure Intentions

Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
Of Pure Intentions: A Collection Of Short Stories And Poems: Vol. 1 arrives to you with over three hundred pages worth of wonderful short stories, poems, and unpolished prose! From fantasy to gothic, from horror to mystery, from poppy fiction to romance, from young adult to so much more. Written by three different authors, this collection has twists, turns, surprises, and selections that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. With something for everyone this collection is a perfect addition to any shelf!

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No Longer In Print

Beauty And The Beast Parts

written Jan. 2019 - only available as ebooks or the collection

1. Something There
2. Be Our Guest

3. Enchanted Christmas

4. Tale As Old As Time

Devil's Cut

perhaps will be re-released in the future

Nevermore: To The Beams Of Darkness

first novel written between the ages of 13 and 16, published at 17 years old. will hopefully be re-written and re-released in the future

Novel Synopses: List

I write pure romance for all ages, with healthy and positive relationships and goals. Though the adult books may contain adult expressions of affection, it is wholesome and full of love. I think it is important as a writer to provide stories that are not only entertaining, inspiring, and romantic, but to also express good values and self-worth for all readers, old and new.

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