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Novel Category Cheat Sheet

Updated: May 22

Rosalie Thorne's novels range from young adults in high school to immortal beings, from realistic fiction to high fantasy. So, here is the cheat sheet to which books fall into which categories.

Adult (college or over the age of 18)

Realistic Fiction:

Slide Into My DM - modern, college You've Got Mail.

While You Were Pretending - modern, college "sequel" to While You Were Sleeping.


A Muses' Tapestry: Part One (Trilogy) - immortal Fae x human, (and other beings) on Earth.

Say Yes To Forever - vampire x human, prequel in Dracula universe.

Fantasy Worlds:

Of Fangs And Fury (1 Legacy Of The Seven Families Series) - high fantasy vampire x half-vampire/half-human, in a world that also has werewolves, humans, fae, etc, and magic.

Young Adult (high school or under 18)

Realistic Fiction:

Electric Love (1 The Love Awakens Trilogy) - modern "eboy" Kylo Ren with his "pastel catgirl" Rey.

#PastelPrincess (1 #PrincessTrilogy) - Princess Diaries meets Mean Girls.

#SoloPrincess (2 #PrincessTrilogy) - sequel.

"Best Friends" (1 BFF Series) - girl-next-door meets best friend's older brother.

Beauty And The Beast: The Complete Series - modern, realistic re-telling of Beauty And The Beast (in four parts).

That Bitch: A Love Story - gothic Mean Girls with a twist.


Fantasy Worlds:


Selected Works (1) - 6 poems, 7 short stories, and 2 novels

Rom-Com Collection (1) - 4 short stories and 3 full-length novels.

Elephant Love Medley (Vol. 1) - a collection filled with the most romantic short stories, poems, and prose written so far.

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