Of Fangs And Fury cnt.

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Cover © Rosalie Thorne

Editor – Z. V. Ezell

Of Fangs And Fury

By Rosalie Thorne

To Z,

who wanted me to call this ‘50 Scales Of Gold’,

I love you.


a Legacy Of The Seven Families novel

part of the Zeniphel Universe

All Italian will be translated at the end of the novel.

“People like to invent monsters and monstrosities.

Then, they seem less monstrous themselves.”

- Geralt Of Rivia

Chapter Six


Just outside the training room, I can hear someone in there. Only knowing Cade to use the equipment, it must be him. About a week’s gone by since The Festival Delle Luci and we haven’t spoken a single word to each other. We’ve only seen each other twice, both times he immediately left the room, and when I finally gave up and asked a servitore to get him because I need to draw more blood, the male came back and said Cade wasn’t here.

Yes, I need another sample, but I’m also extremely hurt. Regardless of any romantic daydreams, I may have, I thought we were friends. Now? I’m left concerned, frustrated, and a little peeved because he’s impeding my work. My work that is to serve him.

Palm flat on the door, I inhale deeply and exhale fully. Just go in, ask for blood, no big deal.

“Madame Delara?”

I lower my hand, “Oh, hello, Prince Tahir.”

“How are you this morning?”

“Well, thank you.”

His smile reminds me of the night of The Festival, “We missed you at breakfast.”

I keep moving away from the door, “Yes, I had a bit of a lie-in.”

“Isn’t it your day for blood?”

Being so caught up with the Cade drama, “I’m not sure.”

“I believe you told Jasper every Quintaday, no?”

Being guided away from the training room, I try to think. It would explain why I’m so tired…. “It’s Quintaday, already? I thought it was Quatroday.”

He chuckles pleasantly, “How about some blood, then? We can warm it up, just the way you like.”

As we pass a few windows, I become aware of the time of day, “Oh, perhaps some food, as well.”

Laughing so hard I snort; I grip a hand to my cramping stomach. Getting blood turned into a long luncheon which turned into afternoon tea, Tahir and I swapping stories of worst our Advisors and stupidest classes. In his growing years, he’d had just about as many interactions with Scholars as I did.

Leaning back in his chair, he’s laughing too, struggling to say, “It’s true! I swear it. He’d been lying for years! When my mother found out, she was livid.”

I shake my head, “Why would someone even do that? I can’t imagine he just woke up one day and was like ‘hey, I’m going to lie about being a Scholar and teach younglings nothing’.” When I snort again, I cover my face.

When we finally calm down, I drink more of my tea. Just warm enough to enjoy, I palm the cup and lean back. “So, what about now? How do the days of a Prince go?”

“Well, it’s not as glamourous as one might think. There’s a lot of paperwork, a lot of meetings. There’s peace between The Seven Kingdoms on the outside, of course, but there’s a long of discourse behind closed doors. Mother and I do well enough, I think… she’d preparing me to take the throne here, soon.”


He smiles, “Oh, don’t look so shocked! Mother’s three hundredth birthday is coming up and with everything going so peacefully, well, why not retire?”

“Is it that simple? Does she just pass it to you? What about Cade?”

Looking bemused, he asks, “What about Caderyn? He gave up his right to the throne years ago.” After a moment though, he gestures, “There is one catch though.”

Intrigued, I put my cup down, “What’s that?”

“Well, to be King, I have to be married. It’s a stupid tradition, really,” he adds quickly. “That was originally done to assure there would be an heir to the throne.”

I nod, understanding the logic. “And this is something you still have to do?”

“Yes, well, Mother feels it would be best.”

“You’re not already betrothed, are you? To a Princess somewhere?”

His head tilts ever so slightly, “No.”

The logical, problem-solver in me, starts looking around absently. “Well, that must be an awful pressure… To find the one female that makes you happy and you want to spend the rest of your life with? Under a time limit? Gods, I would not want to be in that position.”

When I look back into his perfect face, I notice a glint in his smokey eyes. “Well, if I start courting now, there’s plenty of time.”

The smile on his face makes me think he has someone in mind, that he’s already smitten with someone. Maybe one of the females he was talking to at The Festival. Excited for him, I reach out to his arm, “Yes? That would be wonderful. Love is a special gift and shouldn’t be squandered away.”


After the third servitore came to inform me that it was extremely important I speak with Scholarra Dyad, I knew I couldn’t avoid her much longer. She needed another blood sample from me, and I had a feeling that if I didn’t do it now, Mother would have my head. So, finally, I forced my way to her study.

Knocking on the door, I hear a soft, “Come in,” from the other side.

Heart confused, brain overwhelmed, body fried from all training, the little seed of hope – irrational hope that I could have something with her, shoves its way to the front of my mind. A deep breath and I push the door open. “Lara?”

Standing by her desk, she turns around, “Cade?” She practically runs to the door, “Hi!”

Before I can stop her, she wraps her arms around me. When I hug her back, my cheek brushes against her silky hair. “Hi.”

But when she pulls back and I let go, her face is serious. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m all right.”

“Good.” Then she waves me towards her desk, “I was just showing Tahir what his blood sample looks like under the microscope. Once I take your blood, we can compare.”

But when she said his name, I stopped. Actually looking past her into the room, I see him sitting at the desk. My already fragile heart tears that much more. Of course, they’re spending time together, why wouldn’t they be? He’s practically courting her now. I need to get used to seeing them together.

Very slowly, I make my way to stand beside him and roll up my sleeve. After a hard swallow, I ask, “Can we make this quick? I have something else that needs my attention.” … there’s a bar stool calling my name.


Spending so much time with Tahir is working just as well as keeping a calendar. We’ve come to learn each other’s schedules quite nicely and found ourselves sharing meals on the regular. Now that the seasons are changing, a slow crawl to Summer, we even have a standing meeting on Quintaday evenings to take a walk around Palace Of Onyx’s grounds, sometimes discussing the land beyond in the rest of the Onyx Foothills.

In the first week of the third month of Spring, the Sun is still bright as I find him ready in the courtyard. Wearing linen pants for the first time on our walks, I was delighted that the air is comfortable, (instead of too chilled or humid). Though I don’t need a jacket, I aired on the side of warmth, and have a blouse at full-sleeved length. Adjusting the cuff that’d gotten stuck on my spare hair ribbon, I walk to Tahir.

“Good evening, Delara.”

Smiling, I note he’d finally dropped the ‘madame’, so I can finally drop his title. I nod, “Tahir, how are you?”

“Well, thank you, and yourself?”

“Very well, thank you!”

His eyebrows raise, “You’ve finally made progress then, have you?”

“Well, yes and no. I can definitively say that nothing I can think of has worked to properly ‘threaten’ the blood or the scale. But that in and of itself is a triumph because the shows that the mutation doesn’t work independently, that it is responding to and working with what Cade is thinking or feeling.”

As I start to walk towards our usual path, Tahir clears his throat. “Actually, I was wondering if you’d like to walk to the village tonight. This week is Spring’s Artisan Week, and vendors from all over have come. Perhaps we could find something interesting.”

I move back, “I was just thinking this morning how a bouquet of wildflowers would be lovely on that table in my bedroom. By the window? That’s what I would always do back home….”

“Oh, I’m sure we can find that. Perhaps, new fiction novels as well.”

I smile at the fact he’d recalled last week’s conversation. Nudging him with my elbow, I tease, “I know, I know, I need to take a break every now and then.” But then I skip and clap my hands together, “I’m just excited…. I swear, I’m on the right track….”

He brushes his arm against mine, almost in a faux nudge, “I’m sure you are.”


Lara had left a note for me, requesting that as soon as I can to come see her, there’s something she wants to discuss with me. Weirdly eager, I checked all her usual haunts. The study, bedroom, library, greenhouse, but I still couldn’t find her.

Unfortunately remembering that Jasper said she’s perhaps on a walk with Tahir, (again), I found myself looking into the courtyard. The skies had darkened some time ago, so they should be back by now. And yes! There she is.

Walking quickly to the front gate to greet her, I open it. She’s there just as I’d seen, but this time not alone. Tahir is handing her a bouquet of wildflowers, which she takes with a smile. They share some sort of dialogue, to which she laughs.

In all these weeks… I’ve found I’ve emptied. Anger, sadness – there’s nothing really left. This was the final nail… and all my body responds with is, time to get wasted.


Unable to sleep, I found myself wandering the halls of the palace. Probably typical to all of the palaces of The Seven Families, I recognize some features from the paintings we studied in history and political science. Magnificently carved and intricately designed ceilings with layers made of ebony. Some of the stone walls are exposed with their various shapes and shades, while others are painted soft greys or off-whites to enhance the décor. As I walk, I notice the tile of the main halls, patterned in an almost chaotic fashion that my logical mind can’t make sense of. In other rooms there are ebony floors, probably softer to walk on barefoot.

A part of me had hoped I’d run into Cade in the greenhouse, but he wasn’t there. That triggered me to go looking for him, trying the training room first. Not there, I started walking to the library, remember he’d said sometimes he’d fallen asleep with a book in hand.

Not even to the main corridor, there’s a commotion. I look as see Cade, hanging on to the edge of the door he’d just pushed in.


He blinks a few times. “Delara!”

I frown. He finally stands, his hands out for balance. “Lara, Lara, Lara! Hi you.”

Smelling the alcohol from here, I cross my arms. “Cade?”

He waves a hand, “Psh, don’t be mad.”

When he comes to me, he carefully puts his hands on my shoulders. “You’re so pretty.”

Obnoxiously drunk, I sigh, “Cade… hi.”

His expression grows serious, “You needed to talk to me.”

“Yeah, I did.”

He notices my displeasure. “This is no good, huh?”

When hair falls on his face, I take pity. Brushing it to the side, I soften my voice. “Why don’t you come to see me in the morning?”

His eyes bore into mine, the intensity a little intimidating.

“What?” I whisper.

His eyes fall, his mouth pouts. “It just makes me sad.”

I take a step closer to him, letting him lean on me. I hold a palm to his chin, “What does?”

His eyes close and he rubs his cheek against my palm. But then he sighs, “That you’re being courted by my brother.”

I burst with laughter. This alarms him, with eyes wide he stands a little straighter. “What?”

“I am not being courted by your brother. Oh my Gods, no. He’s just a really good friend.”

He blinks, “You don’t want to be courted by my brother?”

“No! Gods, I want to be –” but then I stop myself.

He doesn’t notice. “Well, that’s good. I can be not so sad now.”

Slowly trying to get him to walk, I lead us down the hall. “Why don’t you sleep in my study tonight?”

His eyes close, “Bed would be better.”

“Well, where is your room?”

“Down that way.”

At an intersection of hallways, I have no idea. “Which way?”

His eyelids open ever so slightly. His hand twitches over my shoulder, “That way.”

We walk for a while, then he motions again, “That door.”

The more minutes pass, the heavier he gets. I awkwardly manage the door open, having to gently kick it. “Here?”

There’s a lamp left on in the corner, but the flame’s light barely reaches halfway across the room. I do see his bed and I start the last leg. When I can sit him down, his hands fall. I smooth his hair out, “Get some sleep, okay?”

He reaches for my hips, gripping hard and pulling me forward. His head rests on my chest. “Wait.”

I do. I start petting the short hair above the nape of his neck. I can see a sliver of his scales. I reach a little farther, brushing my fingertips along them before continuing up to his hair, then all the way back down.

He moans softly. “That feels nice.”

I smile. For a long while, we stay here. But then when I start dosing, I kiss the top of his head, “I’ll see you in the morning, okay?”

He nuzzles my chest in response. “Okay.”


Trying to shake off my hangover, I ate a huge breakfast, drank extra blood, and am now trying to sweat my weight’s worth. It’s not so much the soreness or the headache that’s bothering me, though, it’s the dream I had. While fighting so viciously that my fangs are out and I grunt every time my fist makes contact, I cannot stop thinking about it. Cannot stop thinking of Lara being in my room, about us embracing… about the way her hand slid up my back into my hair.

“Fuck!” I roar.

Too amped, I jump on the balls of my feet. Shaking my hands, then rolling my neck, I gotta get past this. It was just a dream… a stupid dream, but then why can I smell her on me? I can smell the floral soap she uses on me, on my arms, on my hands. What happened last night?

Little, tiny flecks of memory start coming back. Her finding me in the hallway… her asking where my bedroom was? Maybe. I remember her being upset with me. Then I freeze, opening my eyes.

“She doesn’t want to be courted by Tahir,” I say to no one.

I strain my brain to remember exactly what she’d said. I’d said something, she laughed and that’s when I started paying attention. I just know, for a fucking fact, she made it clear she has no interest in Tahir… right?

Busting my way through the training room door, I must find her. Right now. I need to speak to her about everything that’s going on. I pussyfooted around long enough. This ends now – one way or another, punendo la mia anima o liberando il mio cuore.


Opening my windows, I breathe in the fresh Spring air. The Sun is shining, the sky is blue, there’s a cool breeze pushing puffy white clouds along. Reaching over the small table with my new wildflower bouquet, I’m able to open the last window with my fingertips.

A rush of air comes into my room, causing the flowers to sway, and the edge of my dress to ripple. I flatten the skirt with a smile, feeling just… absolutely wonderful. In the dress I’d picked up the night before, it’s way more my speed. Light cotton in pastel pink, unrestricted scoop neck, little cap sleeves that cover my shoulders, and the hem lands just above the knee. A proper Summer dress and I feel way more comfortable than in long, heavy pants and a fitted button-up.

I unweave my braid and gently comb my fingers through my hair. There’s a lightness to my whole body…. I’d just slept so well. Maybe the conversation with Cade the night before hadn’t been a huge waste. Sure, I should take what a drunken him says with a grain of salt, but at the same time…. Don’t they say persons are more honest when intoxicated?

There’s a knock on the door and I stand. I start walking, but then it’s thrown open without me so much as making a sound.

Hand flat on the wood, Cade fills the doorway with an intense expression. Forcing myself not to look at his perfect, muscular, shirtless body, I focus on his face. His thick, unruly, honey hair is pushed harshly to the side. His golden eyes are staring as if he’s seen the most precious thing in the world. His full lips, curl into a smile for a moment.

When the wind shifts through my room again, my skirt starts floating up. Just as my hand is quick to pat it down, I notice his eyes fall from my face. Skirt in one hand, tight by my thigh, I ask “Cade?”

He comes into my room slowly, closing the door behind him. “We need to talk.”

I nod.

“So, about last night,” he continues.

My heart picks up, my nervousness spreading. “Okay?”

“I was drunk.”


“And we talked?”

Don’t look at his chest and don’t look at his tight pants, for Gods’ sake. Keeping my eyes firmly on his, I nod. “Yes.”

He comes closer to me. I take a step back, if he gets too close, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself.

He frowns. “Lara?”

I swallow hard, “Mhm?”

But then he doesn’t say anything. Instead, his gaze drifts from my face, down my body.

My heart racing, I ask, “Cade?”

I can’t read his expression. He takes a step closer, towering over me. This time, I don’t move. “Cade?”

His eyes finally come back to mine. “Lara?” his voice low, gravelly.


He takes another step towards me, “You’re not scared of me?” he asks carefully.

I wrap my arms under my chest to hide my trembling hands. “What? No, of course not.”

Another sharp breeze cuts around me just as he inhales with an expression of relief. The moment I see his eyes widen; I know he can smell me. His brows raise, “Oh.”

Just as my cheeks flush, I notice he has to readjust his stance, standing wider. I bite my lip. He stares at me for a long moment. Then he clears his throat, “I better go.”

Disagreeing, a little confused, but I still nod. “Okay.”

At the door, he asks, “See you at luncheon?”

“Yes,” it’s a start.

Chapter Seven


Standing against the closed door to Lara’s bedroom, I am speechless. Overwhelmed to the point I can’t even think of what to think, I just stand, eyes on the ceiling, an unwavering smile on my face. After a long moment, I push off the door and stand tall – the tallest I’ve ever felt, the strongest… simply, the most everything.

I don’t know that I’ve ever known happiness to bring me to tears, yet here I am, walking down the hall about to cry. My lungs feel as light as a feather, my heart floating like a log on a lazy river, and I laugh at the fact that I could skip down this hall and holler in triumph.

Honestly feeling like I’ve had a little too much blood mixed with a little too much alcohol, nothing can bring me down. It’s not just that Lara isn’t afraid of me, oh no, it’s so much better! She actually likes me! Likes- likes me, is enamored, and physically attracted to me.

Overwhelmed, I pray, “Ringrazia gli dei in cielo per questo prezioso dono. Mostrerò la mia dignità, lo giuro per proteggere e servire. Lara è la mia dea che adorerò per l'eternità.

I cannot wait to rub this in Tahir’s face! Speak of the Devil, as I pass the library, I hear his voice… and Mother’s. Perfect! I can tell them both! I can tell them I’m going to ask if she’d agree to the terms of courtship, (me pursuing her and exclusivity). Hand on the door, though, and I catch the words being spoken.

“Once she agreed to the courtship, I’ve made a point to spend time with her at least once a day. We have a standing date every Quintaday where she becomes familiar with the ground of her future palace. Plus, we discuss politics which is an extremely quick study.”

“As we assumed she would be. One of the top Scholars to ever come from the University, I didn’t think she’d be just a pretty face. No, she will be a Queen with a voice, which is exactly what we need.”

“I’m not afraid of the public’s response to that, but I am still wary of the half-Human aspect.”

“Well,” Mother replies slowly, “the world is a constantly changing place and for those stuck in a certain mindset, it will become more and more difficult. Having her will add much-needed color to our famiglia.”

At this point, I’m livid and I burst in, “What the fuck are you two talking about?”

Mother is sitting in her usual chair, in her usual way. She’s calculated when she looks over at me, trying to keep as diplomatic as possible. Tahir on the other hand jumps up. Then, when he sees me, he rolls his eyes. “Brother, this is none of your business.”

“The horse shit it is. I know for a fact that Lara only thinks of you as a friend and,” I emphasize “does not want to be courted by you.”

He touches his temple, “Just because you have some boyhood crush on her….”

“Son, I’m not sure you have the faintest idea what you’re talking about,” Mother interjects.

Feeling a tightness in my shoulders, I try to roll them to no avail. “Actually, I do. I have spoken to her, in length about the whole thing. She made herself clear, she doesn’t want -”

But Mother cuts me off by standing, “The girl has no idea what she wants. She’s only a Half-blood. She’s a smart girl… which is why, given the opportunity to wed Tahir, she’ll know better than to pass.”

Tahir waves between Mother and me, “Then it’s settled.”

On their way out, Mother pauses in front of me. Putting a palm to my cheek, she says “Come now, Caderyn, this is what’s best for her…,” her fingers fix the edge of my short, blond bangs, “and you know it.”


Double-checking my appearance in the mirror, I have to actively ignore that I’m growing tanner, or my insecurity is going to spike. I debated changing, but Cade seemed to really like the dress I’m already wearing. I just… want this to be different.

The servitores that helped build my wardrobe had also taught me some of Her Majesty’s cosmetics tricks, (though I made a point to stay away from anything magikal, leaving me only to use what’s herbal). With tweezers, I was able to clean around my brow, with brown powder I was able to fill it. After rolling a small brush in black, tacky liquid I was able to make my eyelashes more predominate.

The last step… which shouldn’t feel as important as it is, is wearing my hair down. Almost all my life I’ve worn my hair up, either to keep it out of the way or to make myself less feminine. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? With Cade, I want to be feminine. I want to be beautiful and lovely and let myself be soft.

Ready to make an impression, I inhale deeply and exhale slowly one more time before opening my bedroom door.

“Oh!” I jolt back slightly.

Cade is in front of me, hand at the ready-to-knock.

We laugh and he makes room for me to exit. Aware of his stare, I try not to be too nervous. “I thought we were meeting in the greenhouse?”

“You look gorgeous,” his deep voice is soft – intimate. He then takes my hand and starts leading me in a different direction, “I actually have a surprise.”

I slide my hand against his palm and interlace our fingers. He squeezes my hand in response. “I think you’re really going to like it.”

We look at each other at the same time, he smiles, and I blush. I can honestly, earnestly say I’ve never felt like this before. Even with the males I dated in the past, had physical relationships in the past, there was a formality to it, a logic. This, on the other hand, has a spontaneous irrationality I’m quite enjoying.

I recognize a door to the grounds; I blink a few times when we’re bathed in light. Knowing my way around decently enough, I’m surprised when we don’t turn to the right. As we continue straight, I ask, “Where are we going?”

Sunlight catches his golden eyes, making them shimmer. “It’s a surprise.”

We come to the edge of what I know as the West grounds, greeted by a thin layer of the forest. There’s a semi-cleared, dirt path where I have to follow behind Cade instead of next to him. A few meters in, we make a small curve to the left. The canopy gets thicker, yet the forest floor is more spacious. Cade slows, then stops and turns around. With one hand holding mine, he lifts the other for me to take, too. “Close your eyes.”

I do.

He slowly, carefully leads me forward, the warmth of his hands comforting. I hear his rapid heartbeat, but also the steady pace of his breathing. I hear the Spring breeze rustling the leaves overhead and birds chirping in the distance. I hear our steps crunching through the underbrush and little animals scurrying around. The smell of new life is glorious, the fresh air and wildflowers, and Cade’s skin a mix of teakwood and sage soap. But as we move along, I smell something more familiar too.

“Okay, open your eyes.”

Under a full canopy of emerald leaves, surrounded by towering trees, lay a tiny clearing. Short blades of grass sway with the breeze, little flowers clustering of their own accord. At the base of the closest trunks is a wide, thick blanket with a picnic basket. The food I’d smelled before is waiting for us, as is bottled lemonade.

My hands go to my chest, “Oh, Cade!” There’s a question in his eyes, a part of his ‘did I do well’ expression. I nod quickly and hug him tightly, “I love it!”

I’ve never felt so special…

Never felt so much like a female falling in love.


Lara and I lay flat on the blanket, our hands interlocked between us. As we watch the leaves flicker and sway overhead, I’m enjoying the stolen moment of peace. Far away from the palace, far away from my famiglia, far away from my mutation, far away from her being a Half-blood.

“I used to come here almost every day,” I continue explaining. “Whenever I needed a moment to myself. Sure, the palace is huge and there are plenty of rooms but….”

Her thumb brushes my skin, “But it’s a terrible thing to feel locked away.” She speaks with her heart – the heart of a half-Human, the heart of a female Scholar.

It fills me with a sort of pride that she feels so comfortable with me that she can be herself. I hope that she understands just how much the same thing means from me. “I thought this might be a nice change from the greenhouse.” This is more or less true, but at the same time, I wanted to keep her away from Tahir and Mother until I can figure out what to do.

Suddenly, Lara lifts onto her elbows. When I glance over, she’s lifting my arm. She lays her head against my chest, curling along my body, moving her knee over my thigh. “Let’s just stay here a while.”

I gently run my fingers through her hair until her breathing slows. Soon enough, it seems she’s fallen asleep. And I think this is paradise.


Walking back to the palace grounds hand-in-hand, the afternoon Sun is far gone, leaving us at the beginning of twilight. Once we step through the break in the trees, the last of the Sun’s light envelopes us in golden hour. Blinking, I face Cade.

His shorter in the back, longer in the front hair is a vibrant blonde, his bangs fluttering as we walk. His skin has a glow to it, his face and forearms the same color as the scales that peek around the back of his collar. And when I catch his eye, the color is intensified, like looking at swirled liquid gold and amber.

His smirk turns into a smile, “What?”

My brows come together, and I squeeze his hand, “You are so beautiful… that’s all.”

His chuckle is soft as he looks away and it’s okay if he doesn’t believe me. I see it, I know it. He deserves so much. He deserves to be King, to have a Queen, to have younglings. He deserves everything everyone has said he can’t have. All because of a stupid, fucking mutation… I shake my head.

Jasper finds us a little too quickly when we get back inside telling Cade his mother requires his presence immediately. Then, Jasper helps me find my rooms. And as fast as I can change into a soft blouse and pants, there’s a knock on the study door. Stepping in front of the adjoined bathroom, I twist my hair into its usual bun and call “Come in.”

Not at all surprised to see Tahir, I nod, “Hi.”

“We missed you at luncheon,” he comments lightly. There’s something in the way he looks around though that expresses suspiciousness.

Having some notes based on childhood stories, I walk over to my desk. “I was with Cade.”

“Oh? Have you two made any progress?”

How thoughtful, commenting on his brother’s love life, hoping for the best, what a good brother. “Yes! Indeed, all very positive moving forward.”

He finally smiles without pretense, “Well good! That’s wonderful to hear.”

After a moment, I look up at him, pressing the journal to my chest. “Is there something you needed?”

His eyes linger on my face, then my notebook. “I should let you get back to your work, no? See you tomorrow?”

Maybe he can tell me stories from Cade’s childhood as well. “Yes, of course.”


After the glass shatters against the stone wall, I finally turn back to Mother. I’ve lost all mobility in my neck and I’m starting to lose it in my shoulders. In addition, this kind of fury is blinding and I’m afraid to almost lose all awareness and black out.

Non riesco a credere alle parole che dici. La difesa di un contratto logico invece dell'amore per le anime. Padre sarebbe così deluso da te!” my chest left heaving.

“Are you finished?” she asks after a silent moment.