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Of Pure Intentions: Poems

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Of Pure Intentions

A Collection Of Short Stories And Poems

Vol. I

A collaboration by Rosalie Thorne

With contributions by L.M. Smith and Z. V. Ezell

Welcome readers!

Of Pure Intentions is divided into three major sections.

The beginning will be short stories by:

Rosalie Thorne

L.M. Smith

Z. V. Ezell

The middle will be poems by:

Rosalie Thorne

L.M. Smith

And the ending will be a unique section of ‘unpolished’ works by:

Rosalie Thorne

Z. V. Ezell

The Weird Sisters


Inspired by Shakespeare’s MacBeth.

Blackbirds fly in the dead of night,

Fire burns yet emits no light.

Creatures are silent, flowers never bloom,

As is seen, darkness will consume.

Wolves how as the blackbird sings,

As they try to escape, they lose their wings.

On this everlasting night, the dawn will not be seen,

It's as if night is all that has ever been.

Clouds fill the sky as the winds wail,

Any reassuring, happy thoughts fail.

Can't you see the dagger in the air?

Nothing in this world is ever fair.

Can you see the writing on the wall?

No one would hear if you were to outwardly call.

You can scream, you can cry,

You can wish you were to die.

"Double, double, toil and trouble,"

Demons call and cauldrons bubble.

Darkness arrives in all its sums,

"Something wicked this way comes".

With Or Without You


A song from her upcoming novel "Best Friends".

What is it about you

That stays in my mind

What is it about you

That is truly so kind.

I never know what to do

With or without you

I never know what to do

With or without you.

What have you done to mind

Effervescent and oh so kind

What have you done to my mind

I can’t be with or without you.

Whatever you’ve done to my mind

You are truly one of a kind

Whatever you’ve done to my mind

I can’t ignore the sign.

I don’t know what to do

I can’t be with or without you

I know what I have to do

I can’t be without you.

Moon Beam


Like a night-blooming rose that welcomes the glow from the moon, something precious and gone so soon.

Nights pass where the petals stay tight, keeping life in with all its might.

And as the full moon is hung in the air, the little, puffy clouds don’t dare….

The moon looks upon the roses that waited, giving its light that was belated.

The strong, the protected, the beautiful… all curled up on the warm summer night, ready to spread out without any fight, the moon more than happy to give them its light.

Patriot Act


On the eve of war,

With all our bodies soar,

And with our voices lost,

Amidst the chaos of the metaled frost,

We stand.

Amongst the never ending sea,

Is this what it is to be free?

But truly, for what cost?

With all these innocent lives lost.

All for the land….

The rules of war are forsaken here,

With all of us drowning in our fear.

Wishing to go home every night,

But in the winter we must fight,

And rest ourselves on the frozen sand.

Cries of pain, sorrow, and loss,

Are never ending with no end boss,

And every night we dream,

Only to awake with a scream,

With our heads upon the frozen sand.

A little much it seems,

Perhaps we are all in a dream?

Perhaps all imprisoned by magic,

That would be one hell of a tactic….

All for some land.

With all that we have lost,

And our lives at cost,

The sun rises and we awake,

There is not a single sound to make…

But still we stand.

We stand

On the frozen sand

To fight for our land,

Our people and our freedom.

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