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Say Yes To Forever - Glossary And Translations

Glossary Of Terms And Proper Nouns

Adopta or Adoptat – when a Vampire couple takes in Newlings or orphaned Vampires as their own children.

Basic-human or Basic – anyone who is simply Human with no metamorphic abilities.

Colony - Coming from the term to describe a group or family of bats, “Colony” is specific to Vampires, (as “Pack” is specific to Werewolves and “Clan” to Witches). A Colony consisted of a Marele Bătrân (Great Elder) and a group of Bătrânii (Elders) then the rest of the Vampires they have either căsătorit, Sired, or adoptat.

Copii buni - pure Vampire children; children born from two Vampires. They are born as infants and lead comparable lives to Human children until the age of twenty-five, then the Vampire mutation is at its peak and they become like any other Vampire.

Fae - a Sub-human who either spontaneously is born with Fae blood or comes from a Fae family. Fae have the ability to use Earthly or Chaos magik, can manipulate time, alter other’s visual field, and can often see the future.

Frate – brother.

Împerecherea adevărată - true imprinting, both have imprinted on each other; a true pairing.

Întipărire - imprinting; an unexplainable once-in-a-lifetime bond a Vampire can have for someone else.

Newling - is a brand-new Vampire; a Vampire who has just gone through their tranziție; a Human who has just become a Sub-human of the Vampire race, this phase lasting three years, though may always be called as such in relevance to their Sire.

Nymph – a Sub-human that is a mix between Witches and Fae, can be born from both Fae or Witch bloodlines. Nymphs are nature-bound and nature-centric, only able to use Earthly magiks. When a Nymph is in the correct ecosystem, they can lead very similar lives to Fae, though are unable to alter time or see the future.

PDA - Public displays of affection.

Pereche and împerechere and cuplata - Mate and mating and mated. Not as overpowering and inescapable as intipărire or imperecherea adevărată, it is still a powerful connection between a Vampire and their significant other and is one of Vampire’s metamorphic Sub-human abilities. A Vampire can be in the process of mating at any point, but to have mated both the Vampire and the significant other must share in one moment of true happiness.

Pur părinți - parents who are both Vampires and make a copii buni.

Rochester Wall – after the Revolution of 1912, Sub-humans lived out in the open. When various governments around the world, including the United States, started giving rights to Sub-humans and making them a protected class, nations were split in two – those who were for integration and those who were against. This led to the Rochester Wall being built across the United States, starting in New York and going South West across middle America.

Sire - the Vampire who is responsible for an întoarse a Newling.

Soție - wife.

Sub-human or Sub - anything that is not simply, purely Human, anyone with metamorphic abilities. Examples: Vampires, Witches, Fae, Werewolves.

Tranziție and cotitură and întoarse - transition and turning and turned; though other Sub-humans can turn Basics, these words are specifically used in reference to Vampires.

Van Helsings – the most famous and most feared group of hunters across the world, seeking to kill any Sub-humans that cause harm to Basics or other Subs. Primarily known for hunting Vampires, the battle between “Dracula” and Abraham Van Helsing is legendary. Abraham Van Helsing is also credited for the creation of Werewolves using Dark and Earthly magik, trying to create a natural enemy to Vampires. After Abraham Van Helsing was killed, a thankful gypsy he saved gifted his children and the rest of the bloodline with metamorphic abilities such as superhuman strength, agility, weaponry skill, and cunning. (Note: Van Helsings are the most well know, but not the only family known for hunting.)

Vampire – a Sub-human race coming from the original set of seven Vampyres. Vampyres were seven Humans Sired by seven demons, the most famous of which being “Dracula” a.k.a. Vlad Of Wallachia. The Vampyres then Sired Vampires of their own, which lead to those Vampires to Sire more over time, (and so on and so forth, even continued in modern-day). Vampires are one of the largest and most diverse Sub-human groups in the world, spanning across every continent, many of which have formed Colonies. Vampires are the closest to Basic-humans, sometimes referred to as superhumans. Vampires can live anywhere, they can live seamlessly with any culture, and for those who were Humans and go through the tranziție, they still hold on to a lot of their Human habits and traditions. This means that Vampires and their Colonies can range from being extremely old fashion to absolutely modern. Vampires can either be born from pur părinți (two Vampires parents) and will mature at the age of twenty-five or be triggered to tranziție by a Sire. Though it is unclear how exactly the Vampire mutation alters the Human body, it causes the body to become immortal (and unable to die unless from an extreme external force). Their immortality is based on rapid regeneration, their body continuously in its healthiest form, which also means they cannot age past their age when they tranziție. However, something about the mutation leads to the inability to create new blood, leaving Vampires with the need to consume blood to survive, (Human is the best, the healthiest, but some Vampires choose to take in animal blood, though that means they are not as strong and it’s a much shorter time before they need more). Notably, just as Humans become dehydrated, burned, or poisoned from the Sun, the Sun is extremely toxic to Vampires. Sun poisoning is a slow but lethal process where a Vampire’s blood is evaporated, some symptoms include thirst, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue. Vampires are one of the most sought-after kills by hunters (such as the Van Helsings) and Werewolves, even if the Vampire in question hasn’t done anything immoral or illegal or harmful.

Vlad of Wallachia - Vlad the Impaler, aka “Dracula”, one of the original seven Vampyres, responsible for one of the largest Vampire lineages, and known for having a multi-generational war with the Van Helsings.

Werewolf - a Sub-human race, coming from Germany, dating back to Abraham Van Helsing. Though the exact origin and understanding of the mutation is unknown, scholars believe it was a mix of Dark and Earthly magiks to combine the essence of a man and wolf. Abraham used this magik on some of his followers, thinking it would allow them to be able to hunt down and kill Dracula. From this lineage, there have been hundreds of Packs coming from middle Europe and spreading throughout the world. The Werewolf mutation changes the body to having the ability to shapeshift into a wolf. Every single molecule of a Werewolf holds the mutation so that when the change comes it is seamless - one minute a Human, the next a wolf. However, this also means there is no way to cure it. Something within this mutation, as well, is linked to the individual’s emotions; when a Werewolf in Human form becomes too emotional in any negative way, it is forced to shift into their wolf form. They can also shift in and out of wolf form of their own accord. Children coming from two Werewolf parents - known as reine kinder - are born and live comparably to Humans until age seventeen when their mutation reaches its peak. Reine kinder can live very much like Human children, though show signs of rage issues and distancing themselves from anyone who does not share the Werewolf mutation. Half-Werewolf and half-Human children can be born as well. It has been scientifically proven that the Werewolf mutation is carried on the male’s DNA and therefore any male children born will go through their übergang (a maturity-based transition) on their seventeenth birthday.

Witches - A Sub-human race whose blood gives them the ability to use Holy, Earthly, or Dark magik. Witches typically have to study and practice to be able to use said magiks, always belonging to a Clan. (Males who deal with Dark magik are called Warlocks.)


Je ne sais pas ce que vous voulez que je fasse!” - “I don’t know what you want me to do!

Quelque chose n'importe quoi! C'est une Humaine, Claude.” - “Something, anything! She’s a Human, Claude.”

J'en suis bien conscient, Caroline. Mais nous ne pouvons pas l'arrêter. Il est bien parti pour s'accoupler avec elle, il n'y a rien à faire.” - “I'm well aware of that, Caroline. But we can't stop it. He is on course to mate with her, there is nothing to do.”

Elle est Humaine....” - “She is Human….”

Donc? Tu l'étais aussi.” - “So? You were too.”

C'est illégal.” - “It is illegal.”

putain” - “whore”

Mon amour.” - “My love.”

Mon cheri.” - “My dear.”

Mon fiancé.” - “My fiance.”

mon bien-aimé Cyrus” - “my beloved Cyrus”

A part of the Limited Infinities Universe.

A companion novel to Edge Of Glory.

A prequel to In The Name Of Love, Pretty Reckless (1), Vices & Virtues (2), Whispers In The Dark (3), Fallen Zenith (4), and Let’s Kill Tonight.

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