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Of Fangs And Fury - Paperback

Of Fangs And Fury - Paperback

"I throw a left hook. He goes down but his buddies rally. Knowing better than to do this, it still fits my reputation to a t. I could kill a guy, and no one would bat an eye. ‘It’s the dragon blood,’ they would say, ‘he’s more beast than man’. And maybe… maybe for just one more week they’d be right."

Prince Caderyn has wanted nothing more than to be left alone. No more magikal attempts to cure his blood disease, no more back-alley fights over what makes him different... just let his perfect mother and perfect little brother, Tahir, do their thing, while he fades into the shadows. It seems he might get his way, too, if the Scholar his mother has sent for as a last resort fails to save him.

Scholarra Delara has only ever wanted to belong. The problem is, not only is she one of the few female students at The University, she is also a half-breed: Half-Vampire, Half-Human. So, she's resigned herself to a lonely life of logical assignments. It's this work, though, that led Queen Lilith to invite her to come live and experiment in the Palace Of Onyx, hoping that her understanding of blood and microbiology will provide them with the answers they're looking for.

Blood is not just the livelihood of their bodies or the tie to their family and loved ones... but, blood is also the reason all hell breaks loose as the persons of the Onyx Foothills revolt. It's in this tale of fangs and fury that the golden prince and passionate scientist get more than they bargained for. But, it will take more than the beautiful woman loving the angry beast for them to reach their happily ever after.


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