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#SoloPrincess ebook

#SoloPrincess ebook

(Book Two Of Three)

#PastelPrincess already published.


Everyone has their entrances and everyone has their exits. Lorianna just didn't realize this exit would be so soon. Or at all.

After the events of Junior year, Lorianna thought she'd seen and conquered it all. She finally feels like she has everything - and she really means everything: the fact she's a Princess, the fact she is the daughter of a spicy romance author, the fact that she has bodyguard that followers her everywhere, the fact that she has famous friends, the fact that she and her boyfriend are stalked by paparazzi - everything finally under control. But then, in the darkest hours before the dawn before the most romantic Summer trip to Italy, her soulmate Chris arrives. Arrives only to say? "You are no longer my girlfriend."

To which she laughs and asks, "What?"
To which we have to know: why?

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