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That Bitch: A Love Story - Paperback

That Bitch: A Love Story - Paperback

Though now she's just That B*tch I used to know, once upon a time, I thought Cailey Hooper was my platonic soulmate. I was the Gretchen to her Regina in our Gothic Mean Girls, the dutiful beta to her alpha queen. I spent many years as the lovable best friend, but never quite stepping into the starring role.

Until Senior year. Until my father came home. Until I was able to finally fall in love with Elias. Until distance let me break free and gain some clarity. Which she struggled with at first, but the need to keep her property outweighed her need for absolute control. In the end, causing what I had believed to be a beautiful, loving friendship to burn in a brilliant blaze of chaos and hatred.

So yes, she might be just That B*tch I used to know, but this ended up being a love story - a story with a soulmate of a different kind... a kind that is true, is real, and will last forever.

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