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Goddess Of Roses And Thorns

Updated: Feb 18

“History became legend. Legend became myth.” – Lord Of The Rings

Though time is the only infinite, it is not enough for my love.

Ages will pass, perhaps eons into the future.

What once was a girl who wrote love stories, turned into a muse of her age, who was the inspiration for a new pagan deity, entering the lore of the Goddess Of Roses And Thorns.

Lover of the innocents. Lover of the lonely. Lover of the forgotten. Lover of the missing.

Eons in the future, an age where monotheism reigns again… in the middle of the night, in a silent home, a young girl will pray for the very first time in her life. And not to what she was taught, but what she found all on her own… searching through ancient material, searching through “pantheons”.

Alone, in the dark, she will fall to her knees and put her hands together. But her pain will choke her. She cannot explain and she does not know what she is even praying for.

But still, as her tears fall and her chest quakes, she will call out for the Goddess Of Roses And Thorns.

And I will embrace her.

And I will love her.

And I will welcome her into my home.

For if I am ever known for one thing, let it be my unconditional love.

©Rosalie Thorne

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