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Publications and Freelance

Here are my favorite works so far. If you are interested in seeing more of my publication, please look to the "Free To Enjoy" project on this website. If you are interested in seeing more freelance work, please look at my Muck Rack or Freelancer page. Don't forget to follow on Instagram @TheMousyGirl for daily updates.

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"America's sweetheart", social media elite, star student, who uses her popularity for good instead of evil. And now Princess Lorianna is having to not only navigate teenage life, combat a social enemy, successfully have mature relationships, but also take the world by storm after being the target of some hurtful and potentially harmful press. Is she the director of her own life? Or is all the world a stage and everyone merely players?


Of Fangs And Fury

Blood is not just the livelihood of their bodies or the tie to their family and loved ones... but, blood is also the reason all hell breaks loose as the persons of the Onyx Foothills revolt. It's in this tale of fangs and fury that the golden prince and passionate scientist get more than they bargained for. But, it will take more than the beautiful woman loving the angry beast for them to reach their happily ever after.

Electric Love

They say all love is real love, even if it's online and you've never actually met. Which was perfectly fine for rogue Khylo and paladin Nhemo. Up until the Summer before senior year when they realize this relationship is one of the most important in their lives.

On the flip side, without the escape of the virtual world, Benjamin and Reylee are forced together on a project, completely at each other's throats. It becomes a showdown of rocker eboy versus pastel catgirl, with no hope for peace in sight. But what they don't realize is that sometimes the person you see every day is already the love of your life.

Electric Love is the first in the trilogy, a novel written in four days when author Rosalie Thorne was inspired by the original work (and cover) created by artist @VivSketchess.

Electric Love Cover half.jpg

Zeniphel: A Muse Writing

And that’s the truth, though Canis and Loki may not have known it. That woman with eyes of time and mind of space, that woman who speaks of light and whose heart breads life, had simply come to give a gift. To give a gift with the purest of intentions… to give them the gift of a clean slate, to give them the gift of far off places, to give them the gift of new found people. And perhaps most importantly, she came to give them the gift of memory.

Death Takes A Holiday: Short Story

The start to something bigger, a short blurb writing for my creative writing class.


The End Of All Things: Short Story

“How does a heart love
If no one has noticed its presence
And where does it go?”
- Panic! At The Disco

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from my first freelance position - articles from my unpaid internship

Romantic Academia: Embracing The Aesthetic

November 27, 20221

n both the British Isles and the United States, there was a revolution of literature known as The Romantic Period, (roughly from 1783 to 1855). The Romanticism movement can be seen as a revolution of the mind and its connection to the “heart” and soul of the individual.


Fancy Nancy: 10 Easy Steps To Update Your Style

August 20, 2021

Updating your style and being “fancy” is totally within your arm’s reach. There are plenty of ways to update your wardrobe and overall sense of fashion, to step up to the next level. Whether you are just graduating high school and getting ready for college or a fresh college graduate entering the workforce, here are 10 easy steps to update your style.

10 Ways To Have Healthier Hair

September 23, 2021

Wwelcome to the new age! Just as our society has moved to taking care of our bodies, mind, and spirit, part of that self-care revolution is taking care of our hair. From the inside out, from washing to drying, here are 10 ways everyone can have healthier hair!


10 Vintage Items To Make Your Dorm Unique

May 5, 2021

Self-expression is no longer limited to your personal style; it is now about anything that is ‘gram-able. And what is so wrong with that, anyway? Spread the self-love beyond your wardrobe to everything around you. Here are 10 vintage-inspired items that will help in your journey to make your dorm decor as unique as you.

Feeling Nostalgic? 10 Way To Bring Back The 1990’s

December 17, 2021

“Nostalgia, in a digital age, no longer relies on an individual or specific memory, desire, or event,” writes Vicky Spratt on Grazia Daily. “It is fed and encouraged online, topped up relentlessly by easy access to an infinitely recyclable and shareable past.”


10 Panic! At The Disco Songs For Your Inner Emo Kid

October 25, 2021

Oh, 2005! The time of MySpace, Hot Topic, fishnet gloves, duct tape purses, vampires, The Corpse Bride, and…? Panic! At The Disco’s first album, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out.

10 Ways To Dress Like Kylo Ren

October 16, 2021

Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, also known as Ben Solo, is a Jedi who turned to the Dark Side. Though technically not a Sith, Kylo is a Master of the Knights Of Ren and fights for The First Order to rule the galaxy. His iconic fashion of black on black on black is only broken up by a small amount of red, (seen from his red of his lightsaber, scar, TIE Fighter, and recreated helmet). One of the best things about Disneybounding, though, is that you can interpret the character in any way you like! So, here are 10 fashion tips to dress like Kylo Ren!

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Gamer Journalist

from my second freelance job - articles from my first paid position

Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games For Beginners

June 27, 2022

Whether you are new to the Nintendo Switch, new to Nintendo, or new to gaming, here are the Top 10 games perfect for beginners.


Top 10 Best Games With A Female Lead

July 14, 2022

Though the percentage of video game players is almost half female, having a female protagonist is still a rare find. Yes, there are quite a few games that have female main characters or female companions, but it is not that often we see a female lead. So! Here are the top 10 best.

Top 15 Video Games For ’90s Kids

July 8, 2022

One of the best things growing up in the 1990’s were the arcades and household video games! I was raised on video games not just because they were popular at the time, but because my parents were gamers and I had older siblings who grew up playing the NES and Super NES. With that said, I started with the N64 and my favorite system was the Gamecube.


10 Best Calming And Relaxing Games

July 7, 2022

Not all video games are hack and slash or first-person shooters. Video games don’t have to get the heart pumping or the blood rushing to be enjoyable. In fact, there are plenty of games that can actually be rather calming and relaxing to play. Some players just want to unwind and have a nice afternoon playing something fun.

Top 10 Games For Animal Lovers

July 8, 2022

When I saw the preview for Stray, my inner cat lady came out and I instantly wanted to play. With the mid-July release, though, it left me wanting. This is when I realized there is a whole world of niche video games where you play as an animal. Anything from realistic animals like in Stray to adorable little aliens like in Pikmin 3, here are 15 Games for people who absolutely love animals.

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