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Cheat Sheet

Rosalie Thorne's novels range from young adults in high school to immortal beings, from realistic fiction to high fantasy. So, here is the cheat sheet to which books fall into which categories.

If you'd like to read each synopsis click here:

Novel List: About

22 novels written, edited, formatted, and published
by Rosalie Thorne between January 2019 and May 2023.

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contemporary, high school romance, modern royalty, childhood sweetheart, mean girls trope.

Sequel: #SoloPrincess

Beauty And The Beast: The Complete Series

modern, realistic re-telling of Beauty And The Beast (in four parts); contemporary, high school/college romance, forced proximity, opposites attract.

"Best Friends"

contemporary, high school romance, girl-next-door x best friend's older brother, friends to lovers, slow burn.

Electric Love

contemporary, high school romance, hidden identity, forced proximity, enemies to lovers, opposites attract.

Slide Into My DM

contemporary, college-age romance, hidden identity, opposites attract.

That B*tch: A Love Story

gothic Mean Girls with a twist; contemporary, high school romance, secret admirer, forbidden love.

While You Were Pretending

contemporary, college-age romance, fake relationship, secret admirer.

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A Muse's Tapestry

immortal Fae x human, (and other beings) on Earth; contemporary romance, instalove, forbidden love, soulmates.

Say Yes To Forever

vampire x human, prequel in Dracula universe; instalove, forbidden love.

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Of Fangs And Fury

high fantasy, vampire x half-vampire/half-human romance, (in a world that also has werewolves, humans, fae, etc, and magic); beauty and the beast style, forced proximity, instalove but slow burn.

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Rom-Com Collection Vol. 1, Selected Works Vol. 1, Elephant Love Medley Vol. 1


Love And Other Impossible Things


Of Pure Intentions I and II

Novel List: List

No Longer In Print

Beauty And The Beast Parts

written Jan. 2019 - only available as ebooks or the collection

1. Something There
2. Be Our Guest

3. Enchanted Christmas

4. Tale As Old As Time

Devil's Cut

perhaps will be re-released in the future

Nevermore: To The Beams Of Darkness

first novel written between the ages of 13 and 16, published at 17 years old. will hopefully be re-written and re-released in the future

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I write pure romance for all ages, with healthy and positive relationships and goals. Though the adult books may contain adult expressions of affection, it is wholesome and full of love. I think it is important as a writer to provide stories that are not only entertaining, inspiring, and romantic, but to also express good values and self-worth for all readers, old and new.

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