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A Muse's Tapestry: Part One ebook

A Muse's Tapestry: Part One ebook

"When in Rome, wasn’t right. But when loving a Roman? Yes."

When Queen Eadyth filled The Solar Realm with nothing but darkness, killing the last chance for salvation, Laocoon and his family fled to Earth not only with the hopes to survive but to thrive. Luckily they found they were not the only Fae among the Humans and were in fact a part of a bigger group of Others. And so time passed... so time was wasted... until one particular Winter Solstice....

On the longest night of the year, the Fates finally bring Laocoon to blindly fall in love with a Muse, an author by the name of Calliope. Though the strings of her mind may weave the most beautiful of tapestries, his impulsive and instantaneous actions create a snarled web of chaos and confusion that affect not only himself but his family. In this first part of the trilogy that is their love story, we start what will be their faerie-tale....

That will lead us to realize that Calliope will be the most powerful Fae… to the point that she could destroy The Hall Of The Fae Queen.

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